Why content is key to your marketing strategy

It’s not news that the marketing and PR landscape has changed dramatically in the past couple of years.

The heydey of newspaper advertising is long gone, more and more people are watching ad-free streaming services instead of free-to-air television, and radio stations are battling it out to prove their worth.

Marketing is now about showing how useful you can be, not how great you are. And the best way to be useful is to develop valuable content.

why content is key to your marketing strategy

So, what is valuable content?

Valuable content comes in many forms. It could be a well-crafted case study, a checklist, an informative podcast or vodcast, a well-researched discussion paper, an e-book, or simply a fantastic blog post.

The most important thing is for the content to be relevant to your customers and to help them in some way. It needs to solve a problem, entertain them, or make them look good to their friends or colleagues – that’s what makes it valuable.

How does it work?

Well-targeted, valuable content not only attracts the right customers, it makes them happy and excited to choose you because your business has helped them before they’ve given you a cent.

If your paid products or services are (of course) even better than the freely available content, your delighted customers will recommend you to others and your business could reap the rewards 10-fold.

Good content builds good will – one of the most powerful marketing tools available. You don’t need a big budget, and everything you create, you own. Your business can repurpose the content for multiple platforms including social media, blogs, fact sheets and brochures, all while the fresh, keyword-rich copy boosts your website’s SEO and attracts more potential customers.

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